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Gaurav Rana – Rising youngest digital marketing king of India, owner of Promo Expertz & Toronto Records

During this period of global pandemic, where on one side most of the marketers are undergoing huge losses, the digital marketing industry has boomed. Everyone now knows the importance of Digital Marketing. Here is the youngest digital marketing king of India, “Gaurav Rana” who is agile, smart, and believes in tailoring to changes.

Apart from being a Producer and Invester Gaurav Rana is known as the youngest digital marketing king of India. He was born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh and began his digital journey at a very young age. His company Promo Expertz is known to be the Pioneer of Digital Marketing Agency in India. He has strong faith in learning and adapting to the digital marketing techniques that arises every year. Gaurav Rana along with his brother and M.D. of Promo Expertz, Ankur Rana has brought a revolution in the Indian Digital marketing market.

According to Gaurav Rana, if you are a Digital Marketing entrepreneur, you should be innovative as well as creative, to stand out from the pack. The creative thinking can discover lot of new opportunities.

At the age of 23, this youngest digital marketing king of Meerut has more than 1cr+ turnover which shows his hunger for learning and executing new technologies.

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