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Gaurav Manoj Singh’s recent posts are giving us major fashion goals!

Who doesn’t like to look fashionable? We constantly keep checking out new trends and outfits that are creating a buzz on social media. As everything is Instagramable, following trends are obligatory. Talking about embracing one’s lifestyle and following fashion fads, who is doing it better than Gaurav Manoj Singh? You guessed correctly: he is a travel and food enthusiast who also saved hundreds of lives during the Russo-Ukrainian war. But there’s more to his persona!

While people like him for his buoyant and spirited lifestyle, Gaurav Singh also has a jaw-dropping fashion sense. You see, this 23-year-old has multiple facets, and we are impressed by all of them. So, don’t want to explore this stylish side?

From keeping it cool and chic to classy and stylish, Gaurav Manoj Singh can ace everything. As proof, you can scroll through his Instagram and we bet you won’t be disappointed. The influencer has blown our minds several times, but we truly cannot get over his recent picture where he wore a white t-shirt and black bottoms and layered them with an olive green puffer jacket. Gaurav completed the look by adding white sneakers and black sunglasses. He looked so modest, yet amazing.

Similarly, posting an OOTD from a normal day in his life, Gaurav Singh was seen wearing a zebra-striped shirt, black jeans, and a long grey overcoat jacket. Agree or not, he looked dashing! If you are an avid follower of this young boy, you might have spotted him wearing traditional kurta-pyjamas in a few of his Instagram stories. Though Gaurav Singh moved to another country, he hasn’t forgotten his roots.

Hailing from Mumbai, the influencer is currently based in Poland. He is a travel and food aficionado. His Instagram is flooded with pictures and videos from different countries. Gaurav Manoj Singh has toured more than 15 countries and tasted the mouth-watering cuisines of each one

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