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Dr.Zaid Al-Samkari, is an eminent personality in the medical field, whose exhaustive knowledge in medical sciences has been recognized globally.

Ever heard of a Medical Professional having a large fan following on Social Media? Zaid Al-Samkari, is one such General Surgeon, who is famous for his informative and educational medical content in the digital world.

There are a lot of medical misconceptions spread amongst the common people and no authentic or proper source of information is available to clear those myths and doubts. Dr.Samkari comes as a sigh of relief, as he is the one who has introduced one of its kind medical program named Tik Talk, which enlightens people on various taboo topics which were never before brought forward on any public platform till date. Dr.Samkari, backed by his in-depth knowledge in the field of medical science has come as a messiah for many who felt misguided and disoriented due to lack of proper or genuine information. His research on various topics have been recognized and published by many medical journals. He is the first individual in the medical fraternity who has been credited of discovering genetic correlation responsible for occurrence of acute appendicitis in patients with positive family history which will help in correct diagnosis of this disease in future. His findings have been published by the British medical journal.

Dr.Samkari’s informative educational content that he posts on various social media platforms have a steady base of fan following. His posts have more than 100 million views and his follower’s number up to more than 1 million on both Tik-Tok and Instagram. His content is majorly targeted at an audience aged between 18-24, which form a majority of users online. The renowned medical professional has an exhaustive list of achievements tucked under his belt which have made him featured in various Jordanian newspapers like Al-Rai newspaper, Al Dustour and Al-Ghad newspaper and also on Al Mamlaka TV Station and Jordan TV, which have covered his medical awareness activities through their channels. He has even been featured in one of the shows by BBC, making him all the more a credible face globally.

Dr.Samkari has taken up his social responsibility duties efficiently with him founding the Lametkher initiative, which works for the disabled. Amman University has awarded him an honorary shield for his exceptional work in the field of medical science. His work towards the development of medical field has been astounding and he stands as a true inspiration for all medical professionals who want to excel in their field through their work.

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