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“Crossing the red line” the memoirs of an Iranian policeman in the heart of Britain

The story of an Iranian Muslim policeman in the center of Europe, in London, is told in “Crossing the red line” by Ali Dizaei who was born in the Tehran neighborhood of Nizamabad and was sent to London with his brother when he was six years old. “Go to England and succeed,” my father advised me, “it meant for me to dress like him and serve in the army. But the racism that was prevalent in British society was clear to me from the moment I arrived. One of the worst aspects of those days was the brutal attacks of the hoodlums on foreigners which included the boarding school. In spite of all these problems I was able to reach a special position in England in the seventies, which racism had reached its maximum. When I wanted to join the police force later, questions like “Can Iranians also become the English school’s captain?” or “Is it possible for an Iranian to become a policeman in England?” were asked again and again.”

He writes about all the difficulties he faced: “I was the only Iranian student enrolled in City University’s Faculty of Law, and I also achieved the university’s highest grade. and as a result, graduated with the highest academic score in public law.” a field that became a guarantee of his progress in the future.

“Crossing the Red Line” is one of the record holders of the first edition in England and recently the second edition was started.

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