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Abdulrahman Al-Sahaf

Boosting the genre of hip hop music in the Gulf is the emerging rapping artist Abdulrahman Al-Sahaf, popular as Wrista

Wrista’s music is a ray of good hope to many other rising talents of the Gulf, waiting to get an opportunity of their lifetime.

If people closely notice the journey of rap artists in the world, they would see that most of the inspiration that the gent-next derive in the hip hop culture comes from the vast hip hop culture of the US. The US has been famous for many reasons across the globe, but its music industry remains one of the top sectors of the world giving birth to extraordinary talents and leaving a trail for others to get pumped up to be like them. Many kids from the Gulf too took inspiration from them. They knew that the region would not be open and welcoming enough to embrace their talents, especially in rap and hip hop music. Born and brought up in Bahrain, one such millennial made his life’s mission to rise above all the challenges of the society regarding the new and ‘western’ musical genres and give a new meaning to hip hop culture in the Middle East. He is Abdulrahman Al-Sahaf, popularly known as Wrista.

Hip hop is probably the one genre of music that is beyond any culture, tradition, boundaries or any other traditional shackles of the society. It is a kind of genre that gives individuals their freedom in music to create lyrics, beats and music that could easily touch a chord with anybody and everybody across countries. Right since the age of 6, Wrista went all in, in the musical world of different artists and somewhere started dreaming of being one amongst those rare gems of the music industry one day. After listening to many US-based underground rap artists and their songs, Wrista focused on only making a career as a hip hop artist and boost the culture of hip hop in the Gulf region.

Studying from St. Christopher’s, Wrista who is only 20 years of age, has currently enrolled in the University for studying Public Relations, so that after gaining a ‘real degree’, he can go ahead and study audio engineering, post his graduation. For Wrista, his hard times taught him everything, even the pain and the emotions found in his lyrics and music comes from the experiences of his life. The same pain he uses as his motivation to become a better musician and hip hop artist like the ones in the US and Canada. These raw emotions in his music have what made all his listeners feel harmony and connect at a deeper level with Wrista and his song creations. In 2016, Wrista even launched his own label ‘LOADB” (Last of a dying breed), after becoming quite a popular name in Bahrain.

Gaining a gigantic following on TikTok with over 30K followers and getting approved for Fiverr Pro this year, also proves Wrista’s pure love for his craft and his dedication to creating more music and reaching more people. He has officially released 8 tracks on Spotify and the newest two releases of his are what the listeners and his fans eagerly waiting for.

His upcoming track of ‘Yeah I’m Real’, is about Wrista speaking on his authenticity and realism as an artist and the track after that is ‘Battle Through Depression’ which is a great effort by the young musician to make people more aware of mental health.

Even amidst a global health pandemic, Wrista is looking out for more ways to create excellent tracks and records in his home studio as of now. Although filming the videos has become a challenge, still Wrista and his team take utmost precautions in doing the same.

Right now, he won’t be able to perform any of his new content anywhere due to the pandemic, but that has not stopped Wrista from hustling, and he grinds each day to keep coming up with more music. This hustling mentality of his is also one of the critical reasons for Wrista’s exponential rise as a hip hop artist in recent times.

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