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Book lovers around the world have a new home and it’s called OnlineBookClub says Scott M. Hughes

Born and raised in Manchester, Connecticut, Scott Hughes is known nationwide for creating OnlineBookClub, an online platform for book reading and discussions. In the past decade, OnlineBookClub has become a globally popular destination for book readers due to its diversity and excellent features.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Arts and literature have important significance throughout the history of humanity. These books not only contain a wealth of information but also serve as a base for innovation. The only reason why our culture has progressed is that we started preserving our traits in the form of a book and each generation reads it and passes down their contribution to the next one. One of the critical parts of this process is the collective book reading which spreads the real message of any novel. The people may forget what was written in the book but the message remains part of their memory forever. In modern times, due to the advancement of technology, people have often ignored book reading in the favor of internet as it is easy to get access to information there. But, is there a way to keep the original joy of reading and discussing books while also making the process easier using the implementation of the latest technology? The answer is OnlineBookClub.

OnlineBookClub is an international website for book readers to join together on a single platform to evaluate deeper meanings of the novels they choose. On a technical level, it is an online forum where people either join ongoing threads or create their own new threads. The unique word detection tools of the website allow users to cross-reference the novel or find literature on similar search queries easily. For young budding writers, philosophers, and graduate students, this website also provides exposure to experts on their subject matters as they can be found posting and discussing topics on their respective threads, for example, the classic literature section. In a poetic way, the website is “for the readers, by the reader”. The most striking feature of the website is that it costs nothing to become a member and join the active book reading community. OnlineBookClub has a diverse group of users as it covers all genres of books including classic literature, poetry and drama, and fiction as well as nonfiction and even sci-fi. According to Scott, the aim was to build an open online platform that is accepting toward people from all cultures and nationalities and lead them towards the single goal of spreading the wealth of knowledge on e can obtain from novels and other literature. In the future, OnlineBookClub hopes to continue to increase their user-based which already hasover two million active usersand cover a larger geographical area. You can access OnlineBookClub by visiting the website at To explore forums visit Mr Scott Hughes interacts with members, the community, and and professional inquirers through his social media accounts on IG: @scott_hughes or Twitter: @ scottmhughes.

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