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After a thrilling Sugar Bowl victory, UW supporters welcome the Huskies back!

When it rains, all that’s on your mind is Purple Reign’s Tuesday afternoon return to the University of Washington campus.

Tuesday at 2:45 p.m., the University of Washington football team arrived at Husky Stadium, just over a day after an exciting victory in the Sugar Bowl.

Leading Husky quarterback Michael Penix Jr. was spotted removing his bust and carrying some new mementos, including the MVP award from the match. For him and this team, which will play for the national championship in less than a week, it has been an incredible journey. When the Dawgs returned home, a few fans expressed their gratitude, congrats, and welcomes to them on their historic season.

“It was crazy I got to dap up some of the football players, walk by and congratulate them,” remarked Cedric Wykoff. “I saw Rome Odunze, that was probably the best moment for me, since I started working here he’s just been a big name around here. It was great to meet here because I have a big poster on the front door.”

At the University Book Store nearby, Husky supporters are eager to talk about Monday night’s dawg fight and are still chomping at the bit.

“I was sweating,” Autumn Rainwater admitted. “I kind of put deodorant on before it started, but we were on the edge of our seat the whole time. It was a tough game to watch. But it was a fun game to watch. It was very engaging.”

On Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of customers were crammed into the store, including her. excited to purchase anything in purple and gold to symbolize this school’s championship aspirations.

“We’re shopping for some gear for the boys,” Nassim Chrisman said. “They go to preschool here at UW and they were really excited for the win, and they needed some more purple-colored clothes.” 

Tens of thousands of Husky items were sold last month, according to University Book Store officials, setting a new record. Since Washington was going to the 2019 Rose Bowl, it was the highest.

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