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Southwest Airlines

A five-year contract extension is approved by Southwest Airlines pilots

On Monday, Southwest Airlines announced that its pilots had accepted a new labor deal that will provide a five-year wage increase of around fifty percent. Following the contract’s expiration in September 2020, about 11,000 pilots connected to the Southwest Airlines…

Hundreds of flights are canceled by Southwest Airlines, which inconveniences some vacationers

The majority of holiday travelers this year are off to a happier start this Christmas after thousands of American flights were canceled or delayed over the holidays in 2022. However, on Christmas Day, some trouble spots started to show. As…

FAA cautions Southwest, association that agreement question could present safety concerns

The Federal Aviation Administration cautioned Southwest Airlines and an association representing its mechanics in a letter on Friday that their delayed contract question could pose safety concerns. The letter cautioned that a “breakdown in the relationship” between the airline and…

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