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Mark Zuckerberg declares a new Meta team working on artificial intelligence products for WhatsApp and Instagram

A new set of machine learning techniques that enable computers to produce text, images, and other forms of media that are comparable to human output will be the focus of a new product group that Meta will establish within the…

Oculus VR games depend on 40% off through June 26th

Meta has started off a Summer Sale on Quest VR games, and there are over 60 titles on sale. It very well may be a great chance to stock up on games for a Quest 2 headset, particularly in the…

The Suicide Squad qualities A Meta context To Gunn’s Disney Firing

The Suicide Squad quietly incorporated a meta-reference about James Gunn’s Disney discharging. In 2014, the producer further opened up Marvel Cinematic Universe’s infinite side through Guardians of the Galaxy. The undertaking was considered dangerous as the cloth tag saints didn’t…

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