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Audi Introduces an Italian-Powered Electric Mountain Bike Inspired by the Dakar Racer

Audi increased the number of electric cars in its lineup, but there’s a catch: this one lacks all-wheel drive. The brand-new electric vehicle from the company is a mountain bike with a suspension system that is remarkable and runs on…

Tesla’s charging standard will be adopted by Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Group is one of the last major automakers to embrace what is currently the de facto EV plug in the United States, having just announced that it will adopt Tesla’s so-called North American Charging Standard (NACS). The German…

Great mind with a touch of positivity, glory of a selfmade businessman Mr. Chan

Grappling with the problems, Mario is now an Executive Chairman, Investor, and Founder of multiple businesses. A young boy who had enough in his past life, once he decides to reach up to something, none can beat him. Mario Moreno-Chan…

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