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Zeel Thacker: The Path To Create History

We are being exposed to the era of competition, where survival stands for the best one who utilises his talent and passion to create a change out of them. Having something extraordinary up their sleeve is not enough to move forward and grow out from the traditional ways. It requires, moulding something unique by being brave to come out of their capabilities.

Zeel Thacker, the 17-year old tech genius from the city of Mumbai, seems to go by the same lines of change. Since he was a kid, Zeel always wanted to be the beacon of change who would lead everyone. He wanted to be able to bring about a change and revolutions in whichever field be worked.
In his early teenage years, was when Zeel came to know about his potential and started nurturing his talent in handling technology and tech related works. He realised that if he put enough work in to improve upon himself, he can become the change that he wanted to be.

With this in mind, Zeel started working for different brands and businesses. Even with hectic work to keep him engaged, he was careful that he improved in his skill each day. He was particular that he gained something from everything he does. For Zeel, luck in his career was always accompanied by hardwork. With the success that followed his efforts, he firmly believes that anything can be achieved, if we are intended to make it happen.

He has been offering services with his specializations in YouTube marketing, SEO building and online advertising with the help of Google AdSense for the last few years. He has also worked to help recover many hacked social media pages of artists. That is some extraordinary achievement that he got hold of in his career as a young tech consultant.
For him, Tiktok is not just an entertainment platform. Through his constant effort and dedication he has earned 3 lakhs from Tiktok alone.
He has also managed to earn about Rs.80,000 from Facebook alone and has earned 2-3 lakhs from instagram alone.
Woah! The way he amazes with his skills and talent doesn’t seem to end. He build his dynasty and increased his followers with proper planning and posting of well thought-out content. With this, he was also able to provide tips to aspiring entrepreneurs, marketing and tech consultants.

With achievements that has just started to come in, Zeel is moving forward with more of his innovative ideas, tips and tricks that he wants to make use of in the coming years to revolutionize the technological field. He wants to put in something from his behalf, that is solely his contribution. He is moving forward with so many aspirations and bring a change.

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