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Yamily Benigni Tells How to Improve your Food Business Using Social Media

Yamily Benigni is an entrepreneur, chef and multi-talented blogger. With her Portuguese blog,, she offers insights into low-cost healthy eating, body positivity and emotional wellness which receives over 3 million readers every year.

Interview with Yamily Benigni:

Can social media really change the way food entrepreneurs do business?

Yes, the customer is more aware of the benefits of the foods they consume, and they are actively looking for inspirations on social media every single day. The more presence the company have, the better.

What is the customer looking at a food business nowadays?

People want to see ethics and values today. Especially if those food businesses are showing how much love and care they put in every single dish. People are not looking for just food, but for an ethical company that care about ourselves and our planet.

What types of posts would you recommend for social media?

Posts don’t need to be professionals. The company can show photos of employees smiling, happy and satisfied in their workplace, picture of the dishes are a great way to show what the company offers and videos showing plating of the dishes to reach more people.

What strategy do you think can be useful to gain followers organically?

Post videos as much as they can on social media because the reach can be higher. Also, invite their own customers to follow their account. Another great strategy is to feature customers photos if they use your particular hashtag.

Which advice would you give for any food business entrepreneur?

Keep your social media activity daily, this will help your audience to remember your brand every single day, and if one day they have to choose where to buy food from, they will definitely remember you.

You can find Yamily Benigni on Instagram @yamilybenigni

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