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With 2022 Big man, Juwan Howard gives Wolverines edge: Michigan Basketball

The Michigan ball group has excelled on the enrolling trail, particularly with huge folks and Juwan Howard is a key motivation behind why.

At the point when Juwan Howard came to Michigan b-ball as the lead trainer, he previously accompanied some noteworthy hacks for growing large folks with so much models as Hassan Whiteside and Bam Adebayo, the two places who dominated with the Heat after not being high draft picks.

In his first season with the Wolverines, Howard assisted Jon Teske and Austin Davis with improving their make light of low and this year, the work he has finished with rookie Hunter Dickinson is probably going to command the notice of numerous enlisted people going ahead at the middle position.

One focus is the selecting class of 2022 who is firmly considering Michigan is a four-star focus Donovan Clingan who was offered by Howard and the Wolverines on Feb. 16.

Like Dickinson, Clingan is a 7-foot-1 focus and he’s positioned as the No. 7 focus prospect in the 2022 enlisting class as per 247 games composite rankings and is the seventh-best part in Connecticut, which is his home state.

Clingan additionally did a new meeting with Dushawn London, a public b-ball selecting expert for 247 games and keeping in mind that he referenced different schools like Iowa, Rutgers, Syracuse and UConn, he didn’t talk as profoundly about them as he did about Michigan: Here’s what he said:

“It was big to get that offer. It’s a big-time school with a great coach. I hopped on a zoom call for two hours with the staff and it’s just a blessing to get an offer from that school. Their message to me was that they see me fitting in well in their program, they like my game and they think I can make it big. They produce bigs very well and having coach Juwan as a coach is huge. He was a good big man himself so that factors in.”

On the off chance that you take a gander at the article, Clingan says that he has a decent connection with each school however discussed that it was so enormous to get the proposal from U-M.

Also, from the Wolverines viewpoint, the manner in which he depicts his game sounds a ton like Dickinson.

“One of the best things I think and many coaches have told me is my passing and court vision is pretty good for my size and my position.”

In the event that Dickinson returns next season to Michigan ball as most actually anticipate that he should now, Clingan might actually get an opportunity to supplant him as the beginning place in 2022, and seeing the entirety of Hunter’s prosperity, that is an extreme proposal to leave behind.


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