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Why the Biggest Jewelry Manufacturers around the Globe Swear by Gemerald Ltd

Despite how prevalent the use of precious stones and jewelry has been for centuries, it is also one of the most challenging industries, with minimal solutions coming from the game’s active players. Royalty or not, one major problem that has plagued the mining, refining ,and processing of precious stones over time is the lack of cutting-edge technology to make the processing of these stones seamless. This is because manufacturers over time have ignored the process of cutting these precious stones to near perfection, and be it jade, diamond, or any other gemstones, if it is not cut correctly, the beauty of such stones will not come out as they should. However, this seemingly unsolvable problem has an easy fix in the form of the Eshed brothers.

Shlomo and Ofer Eshed established Gemerald Ltd forty years ago as a precious stone manufacturing and cutting company and fulfilled their lifelong dream of owning and operating a business in the precious stone industry. Gemerald Ltd, upon its establishment, has gone on to deal with all kinds of precious stones (ranging from low to high grade). However, when the founders realized their niche, the company decided to pivot and focus exclusively on the production and processing of emeralds. Before the entry of  Gemerald into the industry, there was an apparent lack of the necessary technology, and thus, Gemerald’s goal was to design the perfect solution.

Gemerald Ltd is armed with some of the world’s leading experts at cutting and processing precious stones, who have developed the most advanced cutting machines that the industry has seen. Gemerald currently owns a factory in the Diamond Exchange in Israel and is responsible for the supply of emeralds to most of the most prominent jewelry brands globally in cities like New York, Hong Kong, Geneva, Las Vegas, Basel, and more. Gemerald caters to jewelry brands worldwide, retail and wholesale, gemstones dealers, and private clients.

According to Shlomo Eshed, one of the founders, Gemerald is different from many of its competitors because, unlike its competitors, Gemerald is a firsthand cutting company, and they purchase rough stones directly from the mine, therefore retaining control and ethics over the entire cutting process and assure the customers of the quality of their products. Aside from the production capabilities of the company, in the area of services, Shlomo believes few companies measure up to Gemerald because, according to him, “Every day we are facing jewelry companies who come up with creative designs that require certain stones in specific sizes, shapes, and color tones, and not every company is willing and able to do that service for them. No matter if the sale is small or big, we do it with love, because we feel obligated to our customers, to help when needed, and make them come back for another project.”

Aside from being the owner, Shlomo Eshed has sat as the president of the Precious Stones & Diamonds Exchange In Israel for the past 20 years, which is a big advantage and a reputation bonus to the company.

Ofer’s son, Idan Eshed, and Shlomo’s son, Tamir Eshed represent the next generation of the company. Idan is the manager of the manufacturing and cutting process while Tamir is the marketing executive.

Also important to note is the Gemerald Ltd.’s founders relationship with jewelry brands globally as well as in the league of expert cutters; as one of the founders, Shlomo Eshed has been the President of the Precious Stones & Diamonds Exchange in Israel for the past 20 years, therefore giving their clients a notion that they can be trusted and held accountable, because not only is the company registered, it has also proven to be an active member of the body that regulates the activity of precious stone cutters and manufacturers in Israel.

Visit Gemerald’s website to learn more.

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