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Waheed Al Marzooqi – The tech wizard whose security services are in demand to counter cyberattacks

With the ever evolving dangers of cyber attacks a robust security shield or protection is needed by most companies and government agencies.

There are a lot of malicious attacks or unauthorised access which are aimed to damage, steal or disable sensitive data. Any such activity can prove to be disastrous for individuals and companies if not prevented in the right manner and on right time. So what can prevent us from such disasters? The answer is cyber security or information technology security which is a strong security shield comprising of multiple layers of protection across computers, servers, networks and programs. An expert cyber security professional is required to set up this shield and one of the best professionals offering these services across UAE is Waheed Al Marzooqi.

Born in 1989, Marzooqi started his career in 2006 working on cases like extortion and theft of electronic accounts. Till date he has attended to over a hundred cyber attack cases and contributed immensely to keep UAE free from any kind of online threats. Presently he is regarded as one of the best security solutions provider in the country with years of dedication and experience in this field. He constantly updates his skills with the ever evolving and changing nature of cyber attacks, keenly observing and keeping a close watch on the global hacking community and their modus operandi to be a step ahead of them in all ways. As a CEO of a renowned technical support company which offers cyber security services to many famous personalities and artists, Marzooqi’s name tops the list of best security providers in the UAE. He has won various certificates and rewards for his immense contribution towards the world of information technology security.

He is one of the distinguished professional in this field who has written press articles and appeared on numerous TV shows as a guest. He has reached the pinnacle of success but his humility has not taken a back seat with him providing free services to those who cannot afford his services. He is also credited of advising the community on social networking sites which has earned him the title of social counsellor.

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