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VPS midfielder Jeff Addai shares 5 insights to help aspiring footballers build a stellar career

Canadian professional soccer player Jeff Addai is considered one of the greats of the game. He has built a stellar reputation for himself as the midfielder for the Finnish Club Vaasan Palloseura. This was after being named Vice-Captain of the Tulsa Roughnecks for the 2019 season. It is clear that he has a rigorous schedule in front of him, which is how he is able to achieve so much in life. Here, he shares five experienced insights into the game for aspiring footballers to build a stellar career like his own.

Hit the ground running!

“Training is an important part of this sport. If you aren’t mentally and physically at your best, this game will eat you alive,” said Jeff. There is always something new to learn. There will be techniques, strategies, etc. that will make you the best at what you do if you are dedicated enough.

Set goals

No journey is exciting if there is no destination in sight. You need to learn or decide what it is that you are striving to achieve. Direction is the motivation we need to keep moving towards our target. Nothing is achieved overnight. You have to build up to whatever it is that you want to achieve.

Diet and exercise

Most of us still crave hotdogs by the end of a heavy workout. But as a footballer, you need to know that what goes inside you isn’t just messing up your diet; it is also altering your body chemistry. It can lower your stamina or create unnecessary changes to your body. Healthy living can increase energy and vigor.

Understand the game

As much as you need to teach yourself the game, you also need to understand the game that you are playing, both on the field and off it. Know the game, and you can go far without anyone having to tell you how to do things.

Lastly, know your limits

This game has a tendency to make people think that they are invincible. The energy you carry into the game is overwhelming and exhilarating. You feel like you can do anything. Therefore, it is doubly important to make sure that you understand the limits of your body. Pay attention to your injuries, and don’t exert yourself.

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