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Types of entrepreneurship and types of definition of entrepreneur from Mehdi moslehi language

An entrepreneur is an individual who provides the means of production to produce products that can be marketed.

The entrepreneur is the agent who combines all the means of production and is responsible for the value of the products, the return on initial capital, wages, interest and rent that he pays, as well as the profit he makes.

The entrepreneur, while the manager, supervisor and coordinator of “production activities”, is also the planner, innovator and final decision maker in a manufacturing company.

The main aspect of entrepreneurship is identifying and exploiting smaller than “opportunistic” jobs to expand smaller companies.

An entrepreneur is an individual who is willing and able to take risks, and at the same time combines the means of production and credit to achieve other benefits or goals, such as power and social respect.

Entrepreneurs are innovative people, with a focused mindset who seek to succeed and want to use shortcuts that work less as the book says, creating innovative, profitable, and fast-growing companies in the economic system.

In sum, an entrepreneur is someone who runs a business at risk and in uncertainty to achieve a goal of profit or growth through significant opportunities and provide the resources needed to turn capital into a product or Launches the service.

Entrepreneur type

An entrepreneur is someone who organizes and manages one or more businesses.

In a more precise definition, anyone who identifies and solves problems and does so with creativity, innovation, opportunism, risk-taking, and independence is an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship can be defined in various fields, but it is mostly used in the field of trade and business.

The main types of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs can be divided into the following groups:

Social Entrepreneur

Serial Entrepreneur

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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