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TSMC announces that production of 3nm chips will begin in Taiwan prior to M2 Pro and Max

A celebration marks the beginning of mass production of 3nm silicon in Taiwan following TSMC and Apple CEO Tim Cook’s presentation of its upcoming chip plant earlier this month in Arizona. Interestingly, this kind of ceremony is unusual for TSMC for the following reasons:

Focus Taiwan reported that TSMC is holding a celebration today to mark the beginning of mass production of 3nm process chips in Taiwan, its home country. The Southern Taiwan Science Park in Tainan is home to the company’s “Fab 18” plant, which will begin manufacturing the most recent chip technology.

Analysts believe that TSMC is hoping to alleviate concerns about its recent investments in the United States by holding a ceremony like this, which is odd. Recently, those plans for its Arizona facilities increased by more than three times, from $12 billion to $40 billion.

“Market analysts speculate that the company is holding the ceremony to publicize its intention to keep using Taiwan as a hub for research, development and production, despite its overseas investments.”

Although TSMC actually considers the A16 to be an improved 5nm chip, Apple currently refers to it as a 4nm chip. In 2023, Macs equipped with the M2 Pro and Max are anticipated to receive the first 3nm chips.

After starting with 4nm, TSMC’s Arizona plants will eventually produce 3nm chips, but the company’s Taiwan plants are expected to produce cutting-edge technology first. Mass production of 2nm is anticipated to begin in 2025.

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