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Today, with the second part, we are with MR. Leonar Mardirosian on how to earn money for the singers, and in the second session, we will examine the issue

The longing for fame or the love of singing. Whatever it is, it can not be recognized as an industry with its significant turnover in our country. According to the World Bank, creative industries such as music in developed countries account for between 2 and 12 percent of a country’s GDP.

In 2016, the World Bank announced the global share of trade and creative services at more than $ 900 billion, while the turnover of the music industry in the country is estimated at nearly 100 million tomans.

Since stage performances are one of the most important sources of income in the music industry, they can be considered an important source for estimating the turnover of the music industry in the country.

According to the official announcement of the Music Office of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, in 1995, more than 1,221 stage performance permits were issued for music. In the online ticket sales section, approximately 70 to 80% of these sales are made through the official Iran-Concert sales site. On average, each concert lasts for three nights, with an average attendance of 1,000.

In general, each concert has between 2,500 and 3,000 people. On the other hand, referring to the official websites for selling concert tickets shows that the average ticket price is 35 thousand tomans. If we consider the average audience of a concert as 2,500 people and the average ticket price as 35,000 Tomans, a simple thumb account tells us that in the lowest case, the income of a concert is between 70 and 80 million Tomans.

 The price of tickets for a pop concert in “Milad Exhibition Hall” or “Milad Tower” is between 30 to 100 thousand Tomans, that is, the numbers 40, 45, 55 and 60 thousand Tomans, etc. are also in the price range. With an average, we reach the average figure of 65,000 Tomans. Traditional music concerts also have prices from 25 to 120 thousand tomans, which on average, becomes 65 thousand tomans.

 If a concert is held with a full hall, we can multiply 65,000 by the number of seats in these two halls to get the average of the total amount received from the audience of a concert in one chance.

This amount is without deduction of expenses and other items. In addition to selling tickets, singers also earn money from sponsorships. In the case of foreign brands, sponsorship figures are very high, but domestic brands pay between 80 and 120 million tomans per night for advertising.

In other words, holding a medium-sized concert with an internal sponsor generates between 300 and 350 million Tomans from the sponsorship place for the producer. With all these interpretations, holding a concert also costs a lot for the organizing group.

A typical concert should be held in a suitable hall and in a famous place. Well-known halls and high-level cities, due to their quality, also create high costs for organizers. For example, Milad Tower Hall is one of the halls that has the highest number of concerts. This hall was rented for 20 to 30 million last night.

Considering holding three concert nights in this hall, only 90 million should be paid for the hall. The point is that for each night renewal, between 20 and 30 percent of the cost of renting the hall will be reduced, and in this case, the readers will be very willing to attend these halls.

But with all these discounts, in order to hold a concert in the first-class halls of the city, the price of tickets must be directly increased, which can be clearly seen in the prices of 65,000 Tomans for Milad Tower or Erika tickets. Of course, this number is more in the middle price range.

But holding a concert is not just about having a singer and a hall. Producers need a set of licenses to hold a concert, which creates a set of costs for the organizers. The concert application, the concert confirmation letter for the concert, the commitment forms of the singer and producer and supervisor and the list of pieces must be submitted to the music office. At the same time, the necessary approvals must be obtained from the Department of Places and the NAJA Physical Protection Unit, and eventually, all of this will become a concert permit form.

During these stages, the most important cost that the manufacturer pays is the prepayment of the hall. Because the halls issue a confirmation letter after receiving the advance payment. There is no charge for the office cycle and related correspondence at the Music or Security Office.

The contract with the NAJA Physical Protection Unit and the payment to the Places Administration are after these steps. The costs related to the sound and lighting system and the equipment and technicians related to them are about 2 million Tomans each for each chance, and the payment to the Places Office is even more. Of course, in addition to this, an amount must be paid to the Department of Places, which is estimated at between 4 and 4 and a half million. A concert organizing group consists of singers, musicians who come together with the help of a producer.

For this reason, the singer’s salary for each night performance must be specified in the text of the concert contract. Singers receive different amounts depending on their popularity, fame, and so on.

There are several factors involved in the fluctuation of this amount, but bands receive between 20 and 30 million tomans for each chance. In principle, an approximate number of 50 million Tomans can be considered for one night of performance, which is allocated to singers, musicians and potential guest musicians.

Of course, in some cases, popular and very famous singers have asked the producers for up to 42 million for each chance to perform. Taking into account the performance of three nights of concerts, an average singer earns 120 million Tomans, which divided by this number into a numerical year, earns about ten million Tomans. But the remarkable point is holding two or three concerts in different cities, which helps the salaries and income of the singers.

 On the other hand, many famous singers have entered the field of modeling and earn significant income from this sector. A quick look at a concert shows that the costs are very high and it can be said that the most benefit from the singers from holding a concert.

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