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The popular Iranian entrepreneur, Ali Haji Mohammadi talks about starting a successful business

If you choose to run an online business, customers all over the world can access the field you work in. however, this isn’t enough to become successful because there are many rivals in the business who provide as same products and services as you.

You might think that running an online business would be effective by offering potential customers attractive and suitable products, but you must offer high-quality products.

Selecting a suitable domain and reliable host

One of the most important points in starting an online business is choosing an appropriate host and domain. I emphasize that in my online marketing courses where I taught a wide range of lessons on this matter. Choosing the right domain is the first step through starting an online business. The domain name must be short and clear so that users can easily memorize it.

If you attempt to run a 24/7 online shop, you should find an appropriate host. Many people ignore this part at first and their business fails from the beginning. Running successful online marketing costs buying a high-quality and reliable host.

Website management

For running an online business, you need to have adequate skills to control and relieve possible errors. Undoubtedly, for attracting potential users’ attention, you must design an error-free plan.

Your website should be efficient enough to answer customers’ needs. Make sure that the performance of your website meets your expectations.

The most significant parts of your website are the homepage, online market, and the most-viewed products. Your online shop must have a secure online payment system. Besides, you should provide the customers with a high-quality delivery system (physically and visually).

Make friendly connections with customers and visitors

Starting an online business and making customers trust you is a time-consuming and difficult process. You as the owner of the online business should make connections with your past, present, and future customers. Make friendly communications with potential customers and when they start trusting your business, they may become your regulars.

You should assign a section for customer support on your website so that customers find information about the products and services you offer. Moreover, you can ask for their feedback after a specific deal.

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