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The Only Brand That Shipped More Smartphones Last Quarter Was Google’s Pixel

Comparing this year to last, only the Google Pixel was able to increase in popularity, even tripling its market share. It is the only maker of smartphones that is making progres

To be sure, the Google Pixel is still not exactly a dominant force in the smartphone market. In North America, Google only holds a 4% market share, according to a Canalys research. However, it’s probably good news for the manufacturer of the Pixel as every other smartphone manufacturer saw a decline in shipment volume rather than an increase.

According to 9to5Google, which also notes that Q2 2023 was the worst for smartphones in North America in more than a decade, it’s the only encouraging aspect of the report.

“Consumer demand fell as a result of macroeconomic problems like rising interest rates and persistent inflation. Vendors will introduce new models in Q3, which will result in a slight increase in sales in the second half of 2023, according to the Canalys analysis.

Apple experienced a 20 percent decline in growth year over year despite maintaining a 54 percent market share. The company that comes in second to Apple, Samsung, has a market share of just 24 percent, which is less than half that of the iPhone. Its increase during the previous year was also down 27%. Both, however, now offer new models. It is anticipated that sales of the Samsung Galaxy Fold5 and Flip5 as well as the iPhone 15 (all four models) will increase for the smartphone manufacturers.

However, despite these losses, Google increased by 59%. That’s already a wonderful start, but it might become much better because the business is also releasing an upgrade on October 4, when the Google Pixel 8 is anticipated to be unveiled. This past summer, it unveiled the company’s first folding smartphone. For those who want to get the most out of their mobile camera, the Google Pixel series is a great choice.

According to Lindsey Upton, an analyst at Canalys, “Brands like Google Pixel and Motorola, which have been keeping up with the premiumization game with their flagship foldable devices this year, will further sweeten the holiday deals that hit the market in November and December.”

Nevertheless, Canalys anticipated a 12 percent overall decline in smartphone shipments this year.

Upton continued, “The market is highly erratic as weak economic conditions accelerate key trends in the smartphone industry, such as extended refresh cycles and decreasing carrier subsidies, adding to the industry’s sustainability imperatives and the ongoing 5G drive.”

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