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The importance of sports in everyday life from the perspective of Ms. Sona Samipoor, a famous and popular Iranian blogger

Exercise is important for everyone in the community. This issue has been proven time and time again by various sciences, including medicine and psychology. In fact, not exercising leads to an increase in diseases, neurological and social tensions and communication disorders between individuals, and imposes huge costs on communities. While preventing these unfortunate events by developing sports in the community not only costs much less, but also ensures the health of the community. But in the meantime, exercise is far more important for women than men because of their special characteristics.

 Women have a great contribution to society in terms of motherhood. Exercise prepares them for the sacred duties of motherhood and creates a healthy, active and strong generation. Women, as half of the community and the director of the house and in charge of disciplining their children, need sports to maintain vitality, vitality and health, and if society neglects women, they will suffer irreparable damage. To be lost is not only for itself, but for the whole society, and the families that are the pillars of society will be shaken, unstable and unsustainable. In fact, the more physically fit people are, the better their mental well-being. These positive results are more for women than men, due to certain reasons such as gender and the duties they perform. Therefore, more attention should be paid to women’s sports and conditions should be provided for women to be forced to exercise two or three sessions a week at work and at home under the supervision of skilled coaches.

Sedentary lifestyle and its consequences

During exercise, the heart rate becomes faster and more intense. Therefore, the ability of the heart muscle increases. In addition, regular exercise تعداد causes the heart rate to return to normal faster after exercise. Exercise also increases the efficiency of the coronary arteries (the arteries that feed the heart muscle). These arteries supply blood to the heart muscle itself.

On the other hand, exercising increases aerobic capacity along with reducing the percentage of body fat, increasing the body’s resistance to various diseases, preventing premature physical fatigue, having freshness and freshness of the skin, having energy to perform various daily activities. It causes osteoporosis and strengthens them. It also helps regulate blood sugar by burning excess sugar in the blood, while lack of adequate mobility and lack of proper physical activity disrupts various organs of the body. Problems manifested by feeling weak and turning it into various diseases, for example, a rapid increase in heart rate with the slightest movement leads to premature fatigue, and these are signs of weakness in the circulatory system, especially in women with smaller hearts. , The number of red cells is less and hemoglobin is less compared to men, it is clearly visible.

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