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«The best moment to plant a tree is now» (Ecoplant)

Imagine admiring the thuja and shrubs that grow in the residence of the President of Russia… This is absolutely not a fantasy! You can do it just by placing an order with the largest Russian plant nursery Ecoplant.

It is Ecoplant that supplies plants to the most beautiful parks and residences, but at the same time, the nursery manages to maintain a price balance in order to allow everyone to afford plot landscaping.

The variety of plant species can be assessed online: all photos of the seedlings with detailed information are available on the Ecoplant website, and all plants can be delivered and planted in just one day.

At the same time, the nursery will carry out all the necessary preparatory and subsequent work for the maintenance of the plantings for you. An agronomist-dendrologist will come up to your land plot, and treat your plants’ diseases and pests. What’s more, all Ecoplant-provided plants come with a three-year warranty. In addition, all plants were bred taking Russian climate specifics into account, which allows the seedlings to take root even in harsh weather conditions.

The Ecoplant nursery is more than twenty years old. During its operation, it acquired a range of established customers including the largest brands, construction companies, and the city administrations of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Such trust in the company is a merit of the huge work experience of each of the Ecoplant employees who are established professionals in their fields.

“The best moment to plant a tree is now”, says the Ecoplant nursery.

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