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The absolute first play of the 2021 season,Michigan State scores a touchdown

The Michigan State football program has been a secret for the majority of the offseason. However, in the main round of the 2021 season versus Northwestern — really, make that on the absolute first play — they amazed pretty much everybody.

Kenneth Walker III, one of 21 exchanges to enter the program in the offseason, scrambled for a 75-yard score on the principal play of the period.

In case you’re a Spartans fan, that is probably as great of a beginning you can request.

It was a major change from the 2020 season for the Spartans; MSU went the whole year without a surging score from its running backs. (The Spartans had two TDs on the ground, one by a QB and one by a TE.)

In any case, for Walker, it was a greater amount of what he did last prepare; in seven games with Wake Forest in 2020, he scrambled for 13 scores on 119 conveys.

Then, at that point on MSU’s second possession, the Spartans drove 74 yards in 10 plays and Walker polished it off with a 3-yard TD run.