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Taking the social media industry by storm is a super-talented professional: Simone Ferretti

Simone has created a huge fan following on TikTok and Instagram with his sheer work ethics and passion for Modelling, Photography and Business.

The world is one place for umpteen talents that come up and showcase something that is unique. If we closely look around ourselves, talent is in abundance. Gone are they days when the conservative society taught us to focus on 1 thing and pursue our careers in it. Fast forward it to our modern-day generation, people can play many roles with amazing conviction and yet, excel in each activity they do. Yes, talent has to be at the core of it when you want success, but hard work, passion, resilience, and the right attitude can scale up your success and popularity. One professional whose amalgamation of hard work, perseverance, love, interest, and decisiveness has got him break many records in the social median domain, is Simone from Italy.

Simone started his career from the age of 19 as a model. He even won the second place in “Mister Italy” beauty competition and continued to impress the crowd with his sheer style and personality. Moving to Hong Kong to explore different opportunities, Simone flourished as a model as well as a personal trainer. Simone was also fascinated by the videography world and he soon started experimenting with his phone to create short and dramatic videos to post online. The response and feedback that Simone got from it was simply amazing. This motivated him up to the point that he decided to turn it into a profession. He bought a camera for himself and started proposing photography and videography services to local businesses. His USP was making highly impactful short 10 to 20 videos highlighting a product or service. He worked with many reputed firms which also included Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong, Xiaomi, Manfrotto and many more.

The success gained in such a short time propelled Simone to further enhance his learning skills. Hence, he moved to London in 2019 to study business. When the the global pandemic came, Simone Tickle his creative bone further by starting to create engaging short tutorials on photography which gotten him a lot of attention on social media apps like TikTok and Instagram. Today he has more than 500k followers on TikTok and more than 100k on Instagram.

Simone always had an inner drive to teach people and today he conducts many

online courses in photography, videography and social media growth for individuals and companies. Simone also helps many firms and brands establish their products and services in the social media industry. He works as a social media consultant to help increase brands online sales through specific strategies that focus on using the right platforms, sending the right message and, ultimately, attracting the right audience.






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