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SUVs or Minivans? Pros and Cons

The battle for the best family car has come down a long way.
Two decades ago, it was quite easy for a normal person to differentiate between these two cars as SUVs were still novel and minivans were old-fashioned. However, today both vehicles are quite stylish and quite similar in appearance. This has blurred the lines between the two.

The most distinctive features between the two are the sliding doors and rear doors. SUVs have swing doors, while minivans have doors which slide open. Also, SUVs are designed to perform well in off-road conditions. Their four-wheel drive system makes them more flexible in uneven terrains like sand, gravel, snow or mud. While minivans don’t come with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. This means if you live at a place which receives a lot of rain, snow — or you like to go on off-road adventures, then an SUV would be the better choice for you.

Engine and Performance
An SUV will beat a minivan anytime when it comes to performance and engine. The reason behind it is that buyers don’t have much choice when it comes to a minivan because it is only available in a V6 engine. On the other hand, SUVs are available in V4, V5, V6 and many more.

Passenger Space and Interior Comfort
Both minivans and SUVs come with three seats in the second row and three seats in the third row. Both vehicles have splendid interior. However, minivans are a little more spacious and better for families.
In both cars, you have the option to remove middle row and replace it with two captain chairs. But keep in mind this will eliminate one seat from the car and will reduce the seating capacity.

Cargo Space
In general, minivans have more cargo space than SUVs. Even with all seats in use, the Honda Odyssey has around 39 cubic feet of space, while the Honda Pilot has around 17 cubic feet of space. When you fold both second and third row in odyssey, the cargo space extends to 158 cubic feet, which is massive.

This extra room in minivan allows families to do effortless loading, whether you are storing groceries or your children’s toys, there is ample space. The deep space behind the third row is enough to accommodate a kid’s stroller, a small cycle, suitcase, gear or any other thing.
Pros and Cons of SUVs and Minivans

Both categories have their advantages and disadvantages
Unique features of SUVs:
• More powerful and rugged
• Gives commanding position of road to the driver
• More stylish and classy
• Performs better in extreme off-road conditions
• One can configure it with any drive such as four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive
• Comes in various trims and models. For instance, Honda Pilot line-up has various SUVs from compact to large.
• Ideal for changing weather conditions

Cons of SUVs
• Swing doors only, which can make the access inconvenient, sometimes
• Higher up from the ground which can make it difficult for old aged people and children to get inside
• Less cargo space when all seats are in use
• The seating capacity is low
• Less fuel economy
• SUVs are usually expensive

Unique features of Minivans:
• Sliding doors which make it more flexible
• Generous seating capacity
• Low to the ground with solid centre of gravity
• Spacious cargo storage with all seats open
• Cheaper in price when compared to SUVs
• Better fuel-economy than SUVs

Cons of Minivans
• The minivan stigma that is in the mind of customers which gives it a bad reputation despite all the great features
• Less variety when it comes to choosing from different wheel-drive systems
• Less variety in style and models
• Minivans don’t perform well in off-road conditions

What Should I Buy, An SUV or A minivan?
Ultimately, the answer to this question depends upon your car usage. If you are practical, you want a car that’s affordable and can carry a lot of cargo and passengers. While you don’t care about the stigma the minivan has carried for years, then minivan is the answer.

If you drive on rough terrains or live in a city which sees challenging weathers, then SUVs will be the perfect choice.

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