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Stipe Miocic : Shares His Workout as Heavyweight Champion

The ruling UFC heavyweight champ flaunts the exercise that encourages him remain fit as a fiddle.

UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic is falling off probably the greatest win of his profession. Back in August, Miocic took the last, conclusive battle in a best of three arrangement with Daniel Cormier at UFC 252—a success that solidified the Cleveland, Ohio local’s status as perhaps the best heavyweight ever for some UFC fans.

However, Miocic would not be the place he is today without his quality and molding mentor Bobby Kaleal. Kaleal has made a full-body preparing program that centers around preparing Miocic battle while zeroing in on injury counteraction.

“With this entire exercise, it’s all intense exercise. Yet in addition for steadiness, for quality for making things that are frail in my body more grounded,” says Miocic. “It just takes around 35 minutes, however we get everything. It hits each edge. We simply don’t lift, we get our cash’s worth in these 35 minutes, and it’s unquestionably helped my profession.”

Furthermore, his definitive preparing objective is to improve ordinary.

“Absolutely never get disappointed with your exercises. Simply ordinary, attempt to improve. That is my attitude. Go at your own pace, and once you move beyond that pace, you can go greater. Take as much time as necessary and consistently have some good times,” says Miocic.


“Ordinary we go into an alternate sort of extending or dynamic warmup,” says Kaleal. “So today we need to deal with opening up his psoas and the front of his body, moving it in various bearings. The more that we can open up his body and delivery a portion of the pressure considers more opportunity and adaptability so he can perform at the ideal level.”

Kaleal utilizes an obstruction band with Miocic, holding an assortment of stretches for 10 to 12 reps each.

He gets done with dynamic extending and versatility to build course.

The Warmup

Exercise 1: Band-Resisted Shadow Work

6 to 8 minutes

“We need to get the psyche right and animate that neuromuscular framework, get the rust off the jolts as it were,” says Kaleal. “We start off moderate, you go 2 to 3 minutes. At that point he’ll take the groups off, open up a smidgen and get his feet and arms going somewhat more. At that point we’ll reattach the groups and get into it more, delving in. Also, we’ll send by taking them off and doing some engine speed work and hand work. By and large, 6 to 8 minutes.”

Exercise 2: Eye-Hand Coordination Drills

2 arrangements of 20 reps

For this, Miocic utilizes a ball that he tosses against a divider while adjusting on one leg for some lower leg versatility work.

“The objective is to attempt to respond as quick as could reasonably be expected, keeping that ball directly in his face. Furthermore, simultaneously, you’ll notice he’s on one leg the entire time for some lower leg adjustment work,” says Kaleal.

From that point, he will stand sideways and center around fringe vision while on one leg.

Exercise 3: Knee Stabilization Work

2 to 3 arrangements of 20 to 30 seconds for every foot

Utilizing a band around his knees, Miocic does various knee adjustment moves.

“For Stipe what we feel it does is it makes certainty inside the psyche since he’s had a few issues with his knees previously. So we give some great knee adjustment work where I’m moving and pulling in various ways, and he’s simply gotta work quick feet so he’s ready to respond in a battle that way,” says Kaleal.

The Lifts

Exercise 1: Belt Squat Resisted Deadlift Squat Combo

3 reps belt squat, 3 reps deadlift squat for 5 minutes each

“The objective is to re-underscore and re-invigorate that neuromuscular framework, and afterward go into some high kicks to release up the body that was just shy of strain, and afterward go into overspeed work to work his feet so they can prepare up and get the opportunity to go,” says Kaleal. “So when you’re in a battle circumstance, the psyche and body comprehend what to do.”

Exercise 2: Plyo Swing/March Sequence

5 minutes

“The objective here is to continually move your feet in various situations for 30 seconds, and afterward walk your feet, put your knees up high, and have that one leg balance out as he’s pushing back,” says Kaleal. “Consider bouncing back a great deal. This permits him to turn out to be more powerful, more versatile in his development, more unstable with more profound development. It’s not his top choice.”

Includes Micoic, “It’s incredible for adjustment. It’s certainly helped my knees out much more. I’ve had some knee medical procedures all through my profession, so this is one of my preferred ones. Despite the fact that I scorn it the most, it’s unquestionably the most gainful.”

Exercise 3: Inversion Curl

5 minutes

“This is as I would like to think by a wide margin the best device or machine intended for the back chain,” says Kaleal. “It truly makes the quality in your hamstring dependent on the heap you put on it. The more grounded you get, the less weight you have on the machine since you’re ready to help a greater amount of your body weight.”

Exercise 4: Band-Resisted Ab Work

5 minutes

“Putting a gigantic beast band on here and making an expansion in the opposition after some time assembles enormous center quality with a ton of pivot and development,” says Kaleal. “You are continually under strain for the 5 minutes. It’s harder than you might suspect.”

“Five minutes isn’t fun, awful by any means,” says Miocic.

Exercise 5: Pullups

5 minutes complete

“This one I do 3 to 5 pullups followed by 8 to 10 seconds of shadowboxing,” says Miocic. “The explanation behind this is I need to fabricate the perseverance for my muscles and remaining solid, yet additionally remaining liquid with my punches. With the pullups, I make a point to go right down and as far as possible up and nearly hang for a brief moment.”

Exercise 6: Reverse Hypers

5 minutes

“This is one of my preferred ones. I’ve generally had lower back issues, and it certainly encourages me reinforce it up,” says Miocic.

Includes Kaleal, “The primary concern is zeroing in on that back chain, zeroing in on your glutes and your low back and that association there.”

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