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Social Media Influencer and a Dentist – A rare Combination Meet RANEEM GHASSAN

With increased ease availability of internet, entrepreneurs, actors, influencers show faster growth than usual. Meet Raneem Ghassan, a social media influencer and dentist, a well-liked influencer.

She started her Instagram handle in 2018 and she motivates and enlightens people on fashion and makeup. Her current Instagram followers account to 137.1k. It isn’t easy to gain such a lofty number of followers. These numbers explain the quality of content she shares. Apart from being an social media person, she is pursuing her career in dentistry field. Further, she wishes to do her masters and PhD in the same.

In reply to a question of her way of balancing both the careers, she points at time management. She is fond of Fashion, Make-up, Adventures, Volunteer work and Adventures. This fondness, now creates a unshakable fame in the media. She accepts that being hijabi and following her influencer dream is tough. Yet, she is there and proves her passion.

She has a heart to nature, as she tries to cut plastics and replace them with metals. She is also into fashion. She says the biggest faux-pas according to her is those outfits that holds different prints in the same.

Though she is workaholic, she sets space for rejuvenating herself at Spa and practicing yoga. She advices people to look at the positive side of things. Mainly, she points out the by planning and prioritizing well, one can taste success.

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