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“Social Media Careers at All-time High”, says CoachSamuelG

So many people are taking their social media platforms more serious than ever. Music artists, influencers, entrepreneurs, agents, managers, a&r, models & more have outsourced looking for the best ways to grab connections and grow their fan base.

The feeling of growing your followers organically is one of the best feelings you can experience when you have so many eyes on you. The feeling is of achievement and relief for all the hard work most people put into their page. We’ve asked Samuel Guzman known as CoachSamuelG on Instagram and other global platforms what all the buzz is about and he had this to say.

“Everybody wants to show the world what they have to offer regardless if it’s music or its dancing. Everyone has inspiration and puts more than half a day’s work of effort into their social media. With Instagram giving the ability to hide the number of likes. I think we’re heading in a really positive step. Who knows what kind of opportunities this can bring all of us. Stop looking at the number of likes and pay attention to the content that is being displayed”

Samuel Guzman is known for helping others achieve social media growth and development.

You can find him on his Instagram page here
Or his website here

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