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Singer Takhar Pradip Singh creates a legacy of his own in music and entertainment

With this thought in his head and his spirits high, we want you to know about a budding Singer  “takharan da deep” He has been a part of Punjabi Music for quite sometime and has been entertaining us with trying his hands on all genres of Music. His latest Song JAAT WAKHRE  was released in dec.2021 and the response received was massive by his audiences!

In the future, takharan da deep says he wants to work with top social media influencers and independent music artists. During the lockdown, he has been writing new songs, which he will share with his fans once they are finished.

Being an independent artist is tough at times. You have no help and have to do it all by yourself. The way fans have reacted to my first track gave me lots of motivation to keep doing the work. I hope I keep making more songs. I do have a good line-up but I can’t speak much about it. Once more songs are ready, I will share them everywhere,” shares musician takharan da deep.

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