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Simon Leviev Discusses the Challenges and Rewards of Building a Career in the Real Estate Industry

Israeli born young and successful real estate mogul Simon Leviev shares eye-opening strategies to make informed investment decisions in the real estate business and garner a high return.

It is one thing to dream of investing in real estate, but it is another to learn the numerous challenges that might be sprinkled on the road to glory. Born and brought up in an ultra-orthodox family in Israel, Simon Leviev was born with the gift of being extraordinary. He wasn’t just outside the herd with his independent thinking but was confident enough to think differently and sensibly, leading a life of luxury and glamour. He has already been spotted as one of the most exciting personas fit for an upcoming docu-series on Netflix.

 Cinematic life journey

At the tender age of 29 years, Leviev’s life story has been nothing short of a movie in the making. He moved to the US to learn business management and then tried his hands at selling second-hand cars, invested in Bitcoin, and finally found his true calling in the real estate. He has even encountered reputation damage from women business partners. All in all, Leviev has had his fair share of rewards and letdowns as well. Like everyone else, Leviev’s life is no different when it comes to tasting the sweetness of success and facing the harsh realities of being in the limelight. However, when it comes to doing business in real estate, there are very few who have learned the tricks of the trade at such a young age. “As always, I saw things that other people did not see and started with a massive purchase of properties in London and Manchester in England. These are properties damaged by fires, floods, such as those that were in foreclosure. I bought the properties cheap, and through the company I own, we made massive renovations to these apartments, and we would return them to the market with very high profits,” shares Leviev, when asked about his strategy of making an investment portfolio in real estate. His selection of properties when they are available at lower rates due to unfavorable market conditions, natural calamities, and several similar reasons and then selling them at a profit when the market has recovered is one of the key principles that help him make the right investment decisions most of the time.

 For those who are interested in investing in real estate now, Leviev advises them not to let go of the many opportunities that are coming their way thanks to the ongoing pandemic. The pandemic that has resulted in plummeting rates of good real estate properties. In his own words, “the corona crisis around the world has led to high investment potential as people have postponed mortgage payments and loans, which they will start paying off in a few months. Those same people may be dragged into selling properties, and hence there is an economic opportunity to invest. For example, take a country like Italy that suffered a very severe blow from the corona with high mortality rates. In rural areas of the country, many assets belonging to elderly owners who died without descendants are lying vacant now. It is advisable to check these areas and even consult with real estate companies in Italy that can mediate this and present the same assets for your purchase.”

 Road ahead

Having reached the pinnacle of success in the European market’s real estate business, Leviev wishes to turn back to his roots in Israel and invest in business ventures and scale them to realize steep growth curves. He wants to enhance the society from where he belongs and lay the foundation for generating a new business line in fashion and lifestyle.

Simon Leviev is an inspiration to many and a surprising success story for the world to behold.


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