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Shannon Waldron the man behind Urban Fêtes bringing a revolution in the night lifestyle

Night life has been a form of delight and entertainment for generations which usually extend from evenings to the dawns. Night life usually seems to be held in different sites be it live music concerts, taverns, bars and pubs or other celebrations. People from all walks of life have been relishing night life irrespective to the caste, creed, race. Night life has been uniting people together as a cause of entertainment through partying and joyfully celebrating together. With the rapid change in generations, in recent times night life has been evolving and progressing actively. We have witnessed the invention of silent disco which has bought a major revolution in the night life and the music party sceneries. The trendy notion of silent disco has captivated the imagery and vision of the people.

Freshly we came across Shannon Waldron soon after graduating from Southern Illinois University (Carbondale) with a B.S degree in Business Management launched and raised Urban Fêtes as a podium for reformulating and changing the lifestyle and building up the tone for Chicago millennials, Urban Fêtes conceived events that attracted proficient and enterprising millennials and heightening the night life humdrum in the process and associating it with preeminent brands and successful businesses that feed the needs and preferences of the people all over the world. Mr. Waldron has come up with an ingenious and exquisite notion of “silent parties” and has imposed it on his parties where people dance to music listening to the music played through glowing wireless headphones attached around their necks. The Urban Fêtes has deliberately hosted both the panel of high-profile industry artists and fresh and local artists showcase at this nation’s most distinguished film and music festival, South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX and Atlanta’s Music festival and Conference (A3C), Revolt Summit, Breakaway Festival, Carnivale and many more. Urban Fêtes has hosted sizeable events at numerous locations providing the attendants with headphone evolving the approach of “silent disco”. “Silent disco” has been essential for the attendants in many meaningful ways, the people feel less apprehensive around others and remains confident in their own world, its beneficial for the introverts as participation is not a compulsion in “silent disco” and the tickets are highly affordable as it usually ranges from $10-20. It has been hosting gatherings in Chicago, New York l, Detroit, Dallas, Los Angeles and London simplifying artist showcases and panel discussions at the world most esteemed film and music festival.

The whole world has acknowledged Shannon Waldron’s series of “silent parties” which has proved to the most acclaimed and trendiest generation of entertainment for the chilliad. Mr. Waldron’s initiative towards “silent parties” has helped put various pubs, bars, night clubs to host parties and events within a limited budget as there’s no need of any power outlet and people can even vibe maintaining social distancing among each other and the parties wont even stop due to any noise decree and people with any sort of infirmities like autism can enjoy joyfully without any difficulties.

Mr. Waldron with Urban Fêtes has achieved greater heights and the ingenious initiative and approach has bought a revolutionary change in the nightlife, his instinctive leadership and influence is being felt by the whole world.

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