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Rising star of Sanbun Investments making their way even higher under the guidance of Nishaan Singh

Ayush Jain
Sales associate

Jabalpur-based 22-year-old Ayush Jain, is a talented and dedicated senior sales executive at Sanbun Investments. He started working with Sanbun a year ago. Within such a short span of time, he has built his name as one of the best sales persons in the organisation. He plans to achieve as early as he can.

With his expertise in the field, he has won many awards and competitions in the organisation. He has been doing an amazing number of sale conversions as an executive. He not only helps clients to solve their problems but he also makes sure that they get full support from Nishaan Singh, Founder and CEO of Sanbun Investments. In that way, clients are able to optimise the services of Sanbun to the fullest and become profitable traders.

His ethics and core values are very strong. He is always true to the cilents and the organisation. He is good at establishing relationship too. Even after the expiry of the service, he remains in touch with the clients and helps them.

He has also made his position in the successful trading community of Sanbun Investments with his unique skills of trading, focus, dedication and hardwork. Under the mentorship of Nishaan Singh and his guidance, he has gained in-depth knowledge of the stock market. He is a succesful trader who has become an inspiration for the employees and clients both as an executive and a trader.

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