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Property investor and developer Alfred Dzadey reaches the top in UK’s property industry

As the brain behind Real Property Ventures, he has transformed people’s lives by helping them attain massive returns through property projects.

The kind of success and the level of momentum a few youngsters have attained in their respective niches has truly astounded the world in ways more than one. These individuals from the younger brigade have shown that when passion gets combined with determination, everything and anything gets possible. The real estate and property industries of the world have been a witness to the emergence of so many such incredible young talented beings, among which one name that has been serving as one of the finest examples in recent times is Alfred Dzadey, the property investor and developer who is moving his way to the top in the industry as a multi-award-winning personality at the age of 29.

Alfred Dzadey’s story is a story of truth, determination, and hard work. Even after losing his job, he did not give up and followed his passion in the property world, which eventually led him to become the influential property investor and developer and SME business investor that he is today based in the UK. Currently, he is into developing residential properties into multi-units, and his main area of investment is the West Midlands of England. He has been determinedly working towards helping people and professionals build their wealth through property development projects. The 1992-born started his career at a very young age by first venturing into concerts, borrowing private funds, and offering a great return to his investors while utilizing the capital with a partner for running concerts for university students.

While he did that, he even enhanced his knowledge in property investing and initially worked as a contracting project manager for a giant like Jaguar Land Rover, which took him towards his entrepreneurial journey. In 2018, he founded Real Property Ventures with the aim to provide the best accommodation at affordable rates. The company has so far completed multiple successful property development projects and is already on many new projects.

Alfred Dzadey (, apart from being a driven entrepreneur, is also a co-author of the book “Tej Talks Presents: Behind The Bricks: A curated collection of knowledge, insight, and experience from the UK property industry” and by 2025, aims to reach 100 million euros as an SME investor.

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