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Private labels in the road map to success for SustainKart? Read more!

The e-commerce industry has taken its term since COVID-19. From choosing eco-friendly products to that of naturally sourced products, consumers pattern has seen a drastic change in the past few months. During such need of the hour, Hyderabad-based entrepreneurs Shilpa Reddy & Kanthi Dutt launched SustainKart which is now India’s top eCommerce platform for a sustainable lifestyle.

But that isn’t all. Choosing to be a part of e-commerce game, it’s not just about aggregating brands or products to sell on the marketplace. It has been observed around in the market that the leading e-commerce platforms always launch their own private labels, to create a better space for themselves in the market and game. Launching such labels will not just create more opportunities but also will help the brand expand into FMCG.

However, this energetic duo co-founders are spinning the wheel with their expertise and influence in the market. SustainKart has products ranging from fashion to decor to pet care to wellness. Their top selling brands are The Tribe Concepts, Shilpa Reddy Studio, Home Crop and Mohraj. Within just two months, the e-commerce platform aggregated over 10,000 products from leading 300+ brands from across India.

It’s been heard that the founders are busy working on collaborations to launch several FMCG brands. Is SustainKart aiming to be an FMCG brand for sustainable products? Time will have its answer. For more details log-in to

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