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Pierrick Jamaux: Disrupting the fintech industry with “hi”, next-generation financial service

“hi” stands tall as a Not-For-Profit financial services platform for all.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we realize how different industries have been thriving due to the adoption of several technological advances as well as due to many passionate business personalities and entrepreneurs, making sure to take the digitalized world forward to more levels of growth and success by introducing their robust digital financial products or services. Pierrick Jamaux did the same, and his journey and success story is now fascinating everyone around the world, for the kind of visions he has and the level of innovations he has already brought with his much-talked-about Not-For-Profit financial services platform for all in the form of “hi”.

To even enter the financial industry, especially the fintech space, is something only a few brave entrepreneurs have been able to do, and Pierrick Jamaux stands tall as one of them with hi. Pierrick Jamaux, who was born in Versailles in 1988, France and then moved to Hong Kong, for his love for mathematics had done engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris, one of the top engineering schools and began his journey as a banker in London, Paris, New York, and Hong Kong.

Soon after that, Pierrick Jamaux wanted to have a piece of the pie of the business world’s success and hence started his concierge company, only to later partner with a tech company for expanding it. To take it forward, they also ran into cryptocurrency for facilitating worldwide payments for their concierge platform. This was followed by him joining hi.

With hi, Pierrick has been part of the core team whose mission it is to drive mass adoption of feeless banking services, accessible by ANYONE who has a phone and an ID card. For all those seeking seamless and simplified banking and financial services, hi is all they need. Harnessing the power of blockchain and their membership token the ‘hi Dollar’, the unique Not-For-Profit financial services platform is poised to revolutionize financial services as we know it.

With hi, Pierrick Jamaux is determined to make handling money easier than ever, and driving mass crypto adoption worldwide. To find out more, follow him or Facebook,,

Instagram, or visit his website,