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Parag Chariya’s journey from an educationalist to a music video producer

Parag Chariya’s journey is a reflection of diversity in one. He is a B.Sc.B.Ed graduate who worked as a primary school teacher. He eventually started to get involved in educational upliftment by introducing new schools and institutes in Gujarat. He has also helped multiple institutes and schools to raise awareness on the right to education. Parag’s father was a secondary school teacher and he always inspired Parag to get educated. This always inspired him to do well in education and deliver platform for children to the right to education.

His major passion was to work closely with the music industry as he always loved listening to music and cherishing the rich Indian genres of music. This thought of him helped him to spread his interest in the field of music. He then soon launched Studio Shri Shakti as his first music venture alongside his YouTube channel. He has inspired many young artists to explore their talent in the field of music. Parag even gave opportunities to many experienced artist to sing under his banner. From there he made his way towards organizing music events across Gujarat. His moto was to keep the Gujarati Folk music alive and to promote as many as stars he can through his channel.

His journey from being in educational field to music was a long and inspiring one. Many performers in Gujarat talks about the generosity of Parag Chairya and wants to work with him if given an opportunity. He has come long way and ensures that he shall keep working towards the benefit of the country by raising awareness. He is now a proud producer-director and an active event manager in Gujarat. Parag Chariya is truly setting examples for the young India to grow.

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