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Paloma Rush New Single ‘Como Te Mueves’ Featuring J Cruze

Latin singer-songwriter Paloma Rush has paired up with Dominican Republic recording artist, J Cruze for her latest sizzling hot single, ‘Como Te Mueves’. We caught up with her to chat everything music related and more!

We love your new single ‘Como Te Mueves Feat. J. Cruze’. Tell us about the story behind the music?

“Como Te Mueves” (The Way You Move) was developed from a beat made by producer, Mantra. Another producer friend, Zuma, brought it to my attention thinking I would love it and he was right!

What inspired the lyrics?

My producing partner Raymond Jones and I took it into the studio, and we wrote a sexy, flirty chorus, saying I like the way you move, I’m giving you a chance, but I’m warning you if it turns into love, your life will never be the same.

The femme fatal is luring in somebody but also threatening them that if this relationship goes to the next level, she’s gonna rock his world (in a good way).

Tell us about the collaboration with J. Cruze?

I had worked with artist J. Cruze in the studio earlier that week, in fact we had just met, and I was so impressed with his sound and vibe that it didn’t take long for me to call him and ask him to collaborate on the track. He delivered exactly what it needed.

How did that relationship formulate?

I was introduced to Cruze through JaiJin, the featured artist on my 2020 track “Blind Spot.” Cruze is from the Dominican Republic, and he brings great energy, fire, and swag to the track. The second I heard him put down a first verse I knew we asked the right guy. We decided we would have our own parts, and then we would have some back and forth flirtation bits ending in a pretty falsetto that hopefully leaves the listener wanting more.

Is this your first featured artist on your music?

Not at all. I collaborate with people all the time. Most recently, Jaijin (artist/rapper) was featured on my 2020 release “Blind Spot.”

What do you hope your supporters will think of the new song?

I want them to feel sexy and flirty.

What do fans of yours have to look forward to in the near future, are there any surprises to come?

A feature on the new Shakira album! Just kidding. Wishful thinking. But hey that would be a great surprise, right?

Thank you, Paloma!

You can listen to ‘Como Te Mueves’ out now and check out her music on Spotify, Instagram, Website,  or YouTube

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