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OpenTable’s Top 100 list for 2022 included these five Arizona restaurants

OpenTable’s top 100 restaurants for 2022 included five Arizona establishments, four of which were located in metropolitan Phoenix and one in Sedona. The list of the top 100 restaurants is unique in that it is curated by regular diners because it is based on more than 13 million reviews left by diners who made reservations through OpenTable.

This year, three of Arizona’s five best restaurants served seafood and steak, two of the state’s most popular cuisines. On the app’s rating system, Dominick’s Steakhouse, Ocean 44 in Scottsdale, and Steak 44 in Phoenix all received 4.9 stars.

4.7 stars were given to Phoenix’s contemporary American restaurant The Henry. One cafe remarked that the café’s French plunge was awesome.

In Sedona, the heartfelt, Latin-motivated café Mariposa made the rundown with 4.7 stars.

The four categories of star ratings are averaged: food, service, setting, and cost.

Dominick’s Steakhouse, Ocean 44, and Steak 44 were among the four Valley eateries that appeared on OpenTable’s list the previous year.

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