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Opa! Bar & Cafe’s every evening is a groovy event

We have often heard about the à la mode weekend evenings of Mumbai. But here, at Opa! Bar & Cafe, not only are their weekends phenomenal but also are their weekdays’ flabbergasting. The flashing strobe lights and the strident music is a quotidian story of Opa!
Opa! Bar & Cafe is a clime with vibrant and modish vibes. Inspired by the Arabic culture, the ambiance is the most intriguing element of the cafe and bar. Whereas the captivating menu is drawn from Mediterranean cuisine, the artifacts used are imported from the soils of Turkey and Morocco.
Besides all these, the jaw-dropping events are the most alluring fraction of Opa! Bar & Cafe. Turning on from Monday to never shutting off, the nightlife here attracts millions of merrymakers.
Going through the event’s itinerary; Monday celebrates the Game Night with Monday Madness. This includes some interesting games like Monopoly, UNO, Jenga, Chess, etc. along with a delightful menu.
Tuesday is for Bottles & Models Night. The mind-boggling music on Tuesday evenings features hit musicians like Omen and DJ Rohit and how can the ladies say no to the complimentary drinks?
Wine Down Wednesdays deliver the exact mid-week enthusiasm that we require. With 1+1 Wines and grooving music, the evening is just irresistible. The recent list also entails the Bar Night and the Halloween special ‘Night of the Spirits.
Keeping it subtle and calm on Thursdays, Opa! brings Acoustic Nights. The jamming sessions pulled by the melodious singer Ayaaz Khaan are simply unforgettable.
Catering to their core theme, Marhaba Fridays precisely takes you to the Arab countries. The enchanting cocktails of Friday’s will bring out your ‘weekend mood’. How can one skip the most amazing nights of Opa!, The Arabian Nights!
Hold your breath, as Opa! presents the most lively night of the week, The Sundown Saturday. This night has everything on its list. From trippy lights to thunderous music that gravitates your feet to the dance floors and the amazing sundowner drinks.
Sundays are for Bites and Bottles. Lighten your shoulders from the weekday work burden by rolling on to the beats of most hit musicians.
May it be any day of the week, Opa! Bar & Cafe has got your back. With its exquisite interior and savoury food, Opa! contributes to the major nightlife events. It has proven to be a complete spot for a party-goer.

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