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Music Producer-Singer Aikarth Purohit On His Career Took A Major Turn Since He Started Baselard Studio

No matter what mood you are in, music can always make you feel better. The world will always be grateful to these songwriters, musicians and singers who brought these melodies to life that express thoughts we easily cannot. In India, music is an integral part of people’s life. There are hundreds of artists working hard to give us the best experience through their art, and Aikarth Purohit is one of them.

Aikarth Purohit is a music producer, singer and studio owner from Rajasthan’s Udaipur who is passionate about his art. He didn’t take any formal training and taught himself to sing, compose and learn different instruments like guitar, piano, etc. He describes his work as – ‘I can say One Stop Solution For Music’.

Talking about his career, since 2013, he professionally started composing jingles for various brands, collaborated with popular artists, did hundreds of concerts and lots of independent projects. A few years ago, he started Baselard Studios and done amazing collabs in terms of songs and dubbing. In no time, Aikarth became popular, his fan base started growing, and so much love gave him the confidence to keep going on.

About starting Baselard Studios, music producer Aikarth Purohit shares, “After building up the base, I decided to blow the new heights for Baselard Studios and went up to settle studio as full-time Music Production place for all the freelance musicians and ad filmmakers. And, leading with that dedication, I got work as well from the outside like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and so on.”

The music producer added how life changed for him ever since he started his studio. He added, “All these things are going high today with dedication. But what’s more surprising is that earlier I was unable to cope up with people and how to explain what I do. Now the scenario has been completely different when I visit social gatherings or an event.”

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