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Multnomah County Health Authorities Notify 5,000 Guardians to Immunize Children in Next Two Weeks or They Can’t Attend School

About 5,000 guardians in Multnomah County were sent rejection arranges by health authorities today, cautioning that in the event that they don’t immunize their children previously Feb. 20, those youngsters won’t be permitted to go to class.

Oregon state law directs that kids in preschool, childcare centers and elementary schools must be immunized or be conceded an exclusion for non medical or medical reasons.

As the Feb. 20 school rejection due date approaches, a regional measles flare-up has prompted 54 affirmed cases.

Three Multnomah County young people as of late contracted measles, The Oregonian revealed, conveying the quantity of Oregon cases to four while Vancouver-territory cases are at 50.

“Unfortunately this is a reminder of how quickly infections can spread when people are not vaccinated, and that’s especially true in places like classrooms where kids spend a lot of time together,” Jennifer Vines, a Multnomah County deputy health officer, said in a statement. “I strongly encourage parents to learn more about measles and the very effective vaccine that can protect their kids.”

Health authorities state guardians who get an avoidance request should take it and their youngsters to an essential consideration doctor to get important inoculations.

For families who are under-safeguarded or don’t have health insurance, student health centers and community clinics give low-or no-cost immunizations.

Multnomah County likewise plans to host three pop-up inoculation clinics for children to get immunized before the Feb. 20 due date.

Those clinics will occur Feb. 9, 10 am-2 pm at Reynolds High School, Feb. 16, 10 am-2 pm at David Douglas High School and Feb. 20, 9 am-3 pm at the East County Health Center.

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