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MSI Optix MAG271CQ

MSI Optix MAG271CQR the latest Immersive Curved Gaming Monitor

The gaming industry is changing at a very fast pace and the future of gaming is Virtual Reality. To keep up with the changing technology, it becomes a bit challenging for the gamers to upgrade their system, staring with which monitor to choose. Micro-Star International (MSI) is one of the pioneers in gaming system technologies. This Taiwanese IT Company is currently offering one of the best gaming systems in the world.

MSI recently launched Optix MAG271CQR curved gaming monitor which claims to be the best gameplay immersion. This company is one of the leading tech giants, offering top of the class computer hardware which is been considered as the driving force of the infotainment industry. The Laptops and desktops manufactured by MSI continue to be considered as the best in the market and Optix MAG271CQR curved LED gaming monitor which is built with the FreeSync technology, is a beautiful addition to the amazing line of products.

AMD was manufacturing LCDs that were made using FreeSync technology. Monitors built with FreeSync have high refresh rates. Adaptive synchronization technology is one of the features provided by freesync that helps reduce misalignments, shutters, and tears caused by improper input. High contrasts, bright and saturated images, and low motion blurs are the settings a gamer should look out for in the new Optix MAG271CQR.

Being a new technology of immersive gaming, the user currently won’t be able to fully utilize the benefits of curved desktop monitor. Gamers need to understand that a curved monitor provides a more comprehensive field view. The new Optix MAG271CQR takes this immersive gameplay a step further with the help of some of the leading innovations in VR gaming.

The technical specification of this monitor are as follows:
-144 Hz refresh rate
-2560 x 1440 full-screen resolution display
-1ms (GTG) response time panel and a maximum brightness reaching up to 300 nits
-3.5mm output and 1x USB up and 2x down
-The screen is 76mm thick and has a non-obstructing bezel width of only 0.4 inches at the top and sides and 0.9 inches at the bottom.

The technical enthusiasts will find MSI Optix MAG271CQR curved gaming monitor as an impressive device. The image output and color accuracy are excellent, just as you might need it. The localized dimming backlights provided with the monitor enhances the overall gaming experience. It has the speed and contrast every gamer needs with the ability to run along with the Nvidia G-Sync monitor unofficially.

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