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MLBPA proposes 89-game season and extended playoffs

The Major League Baseball Players Association has proposed MLB for a season of 89 games, with a full allocated share of pay and extended playoffs, sources acquainted with the circumstance told ESPN on Tuesday.

It would carry the sides more like a potential deal since it is 25 games less than the union’s latest proposal of 114 games at full pro-rata, sources told ESPN.

However, an MLB source acquainted with the negotiations told ESPN’s Karl Ravech that the proposal is a nonstarter.

“Out of concern for the players’ health, extending the regular season past Sept. 27 won’t happen,” the source told Ravech. “There is a window of playing between 60 [and] 70 regular-season games, but pay remains an issue.”

MLB on Monday proposed a 76-game season that would conceal to 75% of players’ prorated pay rates.

This most up to date MLBPA proposal would have the season start on July 10 and end on Oct. 11, a source told ESPN’s, Jesse Rogers. It additionally would grow the postseason to 16 teams (eight in each league) for 2020 and 2021.

Like MLB’s proposal on Monday, this offer has the players partaking in a pool of in any event $50 million if the playoffs are played without fans.

The proposal incorporates quit rights for all players. Players who are “high-risk” or live with a “high-risk” individual are qualified for full service and pay if they quit.

Players with no high-risk concerns may quit without service or salary. High-risk qualification is to be dictated by the MLBPA in discussion with medical specialists.

Players additionally are focusing on giving broadcast improvements to both regular-season and postseason games.

MLB’s Monday proposal to players on a return-to-play economic package offered a higher potential salary than the past arrangement yet less ensured cash over a 76-game season.

Players and authorities at the MLBPA immediately laughed at the proposal, which was gotten by ESPN, proceeding with the gridlock that has forestalled MLB from returning after the coronavirus-related deferral to the start of its season.

If the sides can’t consent to a deal, the league can implement a schedule of its desired length. It has concentrated as of late on a potential 48-game season, sources told ESPN.

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