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Mehrad Kohanbaba, a successful Iranian musician, explains whether pop or classic piano is better

Pop or classic? Well, pop music is pleasant and cheerful that we all listen to some of its forms and at least have memories of it. People who do not listen to pop music at all are few. People who are interested in pop, and know that classical music is special for teaching piano are manyو and we aim to talk to them.

Classical music is a general term for European artistic music. The advent of this music dates back to the middle centuries about 500 AD.

Now let us talk about pop

Pop music is a popular musical style. It is usually distinguished and differs from classical music and folk (local).

Each of these styles of performance provides us with special abilities. Now, to specify your path let us consider two cases:

First case: you attempt to learn to play the classical piano. You have many options of books including valid methods and prominent references of great composers in the whole history, but don’t miss practicing pop pieces because it has many benefits:

The ability to perform various chords

It includes melodies with different syncopations and rhythms which is a new feature compared with classical music

It helps you to improve your Improvising skills and build the basis of creating melodies and composing  

Second case: you aim to become a top performer. Therefore, if you want to be successful in your career, follow and practice other styles. Again, classical music is a good choice along with pursuing chords and melodies of pop music. This is going to make you more dominated and well-versed compared with performers that only learned pop and its techniques and never practiced like you. Of course, it is common that your tutor combines some etudes with pop pieces to make you improve your skills simultaneously.

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