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Meet KenVince, a rising rapper, and producer who is winning hearts through his meaningful and mesmerizing music

Nothing in life comes for free, only hard work can lead your way to success. KenVince is one of the people who has proved to the world that if one is striving hard and is passionate about their work, they can definitely achieve success. KenVince is a rising producer and rapper in the music industry.  

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, the artist was never interested in sports or boy scouts so he decided to join the drumline and thus, his love for music began. His passion for music made him decide to pursue music as a career, yet the journey to his success as a musician in the industry was not always easy. Growing up he has watched his parents hustle their way to survive. Completing his high school in the Twin Cities, Minnesota Area, he had to work at McDonald’s to send himself to university. After saving up, he went to Full Sail University where he got his degree in Recording Engineering. Post-graduation, KenVince started working as an intern and has gained quite a bit of experience in the field which has opened up a number of influential connections over the years in the music industry.  

On asking what he likes most and least about working in the field of music, he said, “I love networking with recording artists, directors, cinematographers, producers who give

your vision a different perspective in a good way. But at the same time, the industry is a cold twisted dark field to be in and you always have to watch your back. I don’t like having people think they can use your creative outlet and feed off of you constantly.”   

Over the years, KenVince has gained quite a lot of recognition in his career. One of his biggest achievements so far includes landing a job as a Sound Technician for Royal Caribbean’s International Cruise line. In addition to this, he has also dropped his own album and a few singles. He is currently looking forward to creating more music and networking with the right people. Thus, through his hard work, KenVince has established himself as one of the rising recording artists in the industry.

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