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Meet Kartik Raman: The seamless amalgamation of Kartik Raman’s Music and Padmashri Dr. Puru Dhadheech’s Dance has been delightful. Find out the story behind it

The mind and soul behind captivating millions of listeners with his melodious voice and innate music composing skills.  

When we glanced at several individuals’ growth, they amaze us how one can achieve such remarkable success. The hard work, dedication, determination they enhance in their work is just stupendous and inspirational. Talking about the music industry, it is one of the most huge and competitive industries. The music industry has given us massive gems and their music craft has entertained millions of audiences utmost. Have a glance at a young artist named – Kartik Raman. Music is in his soul and his voice will mesmerize the listeners. He inbuilt his passion for music from childhood.

Though he gained an education in Civil Engineering and a master’s in urban planning, he pursued his career in the music world and today he is one of the most popular names in the industry with millions of fans & followers across the globe. He is working with his Guru Shankar Mahadevan, Hariharan Ji and does massive shows with these legends of music across the world. He is the winner of the Tamil Reality Show music. He has his own YouTube channel with the name Kartik Raman and has massive fans and followers.  

Kartik Raman gained one of the biggest opportunities by working with Padmashree Dr. Puru Dhadheech. He came in to connect with him during his 80th birthday celebration. Kartik composed a song for a poem that was written by Puru Ji about 40 years back. The song was called Phir Tamasha which was revealed to him on the stage and danced by his Disciple Sunil Sunkara in 2018. Puru Ji was amazed by listening to this tremendous young talent and the unique composing and singing skills. He chose him to compose for two of the most path-breaking projects in Kathak.

Puru Dhadheech Ji asked kartik to compose the first ever Hindi “Padyaanuvad” of the popular Shiv Tandav Stotra which is written by him. The shiv Tandav was performed at the Gamak festival, in Ujjain. Kartik also composed Navras in 2021 which tells about the 9 ras / emotion which is also written by Puru Dhadheech Ji himself. This was performed at Iskon by the students of Puru Dhadheech Ji.

Kartik has established himself as one of the youngest versatile singers and artists in the music industry and exploring himself beyond the imagination.

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