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Mastering the new album of famous Iranian composers and also Armin Morshed by Masroor Sheidaei

The new album produced by famous Iranian composers and Armin Morshed will be released soon. This album has been produced by Iranian composers in collaboration with international famous composers like Dave Weckl, John Patitucci, and Tiago Moraes. This album has been analog mastered by Masroor Sheidaei in Masterpiece Studio. This album has been released under the Masterpiece Studio Records label.

Dave Weckl is a drumming performer. In 1991, he released a solo album and dual drum performance with Steve Gadd called “Master Palan” and put it on sale.

John Patitucci was born on the 22nd of December in 1959, and he is American. He performs double bass in jazz style and fusion bass guitar. In 2006, with four members of Vein Shurter Band, Patitucci won the Grammy award for his album “Beyond the sound barrier,” the best Jazz instrumental music.

This is a piece of brief information about two members of many composers in this album. We expect eagerly to see these stars flourishing.

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