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Marketing expert Nafez Husseini on Covid-19’s Impact on the Digital Landscape

COVID-19 has spawned a bewildering variety of effects on the digital landscape. Marketing expert NafezHusseinigives the low-down on the coronavirus impact in the digital realm. Let’s delve.

Digital restructuring is the new normal

The COVID-19 impact on the digital industry is obvious and arguably irrevocable. Nafez states that the most conspicuous one is thatmarketing budgets are down across the world.

Having said that, Nafez points out that COVID-19 has also brought the prominence of digital landscape to the fore.

Nafez shares that despite dwindlingadvertisement budgets and revenue as well as absence of frequent fresh content, digital media is seeing a sudden bump up in viewership and subscriptions.

Netflix, for instance, garnered 16 million new sign-upsthanks to the coronavirus triggered lockdown.

Nafez asserts that many people would continue with their new digital habits even after the corona pandemic passes away. He supports it with credible facts such as – one person in every five internet users has started to watchmore content on streaming platforms. Around 16% internet users claim that they will continue to spend more time (and money)on digital and social media.

So, digital restructuring is the way forward. It’s evident now that even the newspaper industry is having to adapt to digital or face obsolescence. This is Nafez’s golden advice for other publication mediums too.

Covid-19 triggers “the new routine”

What is this new routine? Nafezpoints out that globally it’s been observed that people are spending more time on streaming platforms, social platforms and messenger apps like WhatsApp. Another major impact of COVID-19 on the digital landscape is that gaming is also seeing a significant pandemic bump.

The new way of life is also altering the old consumption patterns of consumers. During the period of lockdown, people took to exploring uncharteddigital mediums and genres. There is also a surge in the demand for diverse types of digital content apart from blogs and articles which includes social posts, carousels, banners, contextual ads, podcasts, infographics and so on.

On a concluding note, Nafez’s advice to entrepreneurs is to create content locally as coronavirus pandemic has triggered the need to create  content from any place without the restrictions of location. He shares, “So, it’s important to give your artists, writers, designers access to innovative and intuitive digital productsso they can collaborate and create quality content locally.”


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