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Maria de la Paz Barbirotto is working on the first NFT panel at Lucca Comics & Games

Business and brand developer Maria Barbirotto has been assigned to the creation and direction of the first NFT panel for the largest European comic-book and gaming convention, Lucca Comics & Games.

After several years in the art and music industry, Maria de la Paz Barbirotto is working as a crypto art consultant and collaborating with many companies in the field. Her professionality and skills are well known in the art field, marking collaborations with Capitol Records, Christie’s and now Lucca Comics & Games. During the NFT panel the over 500,000 visitors will be able to learn more about the NFT culture that is launching projects of gaming, art collectibles, virtual lands and comics.

The panel will host several guests from the most important platforms of NFT like Decentraland, Illuvium and Bored Ape Yacht Club. It seems like the NFT-mania is not stopping and according to Maria Barbirotto it’s actually still early. “We’re still so early and it’s already moving so much capital around. In the next five years we will see a huge improvement in terms of development and features, Decentraland is planning on allowing VR experience in a year or two from now. Whoever takes advantage of this moment, right now, won’t regret it”.

Looks like informing the masses about what NFTs are and explaining the metaverse is not easy, “many people are still very diffident, most of the people are still not investing in crypto currencies and if they are they’re looking for a quick and easy profit. The quicker that people understand the big cultural and economical change that the metaverse and NFTs, along with crypto currencies, are applying to the world, the better”.

Maria Barbirotto is considered one of the pioneers of crypto art education, starting to provide educational content for free to over ten thousand people about the intersection between art and crypto. She’s now leading the first NFT panel at the second-largest comic and gaming convention in the world and in her vision is all a matter of time and opportunities, “I worked my entire career in the art market, organized and curated tens of exhibitions, represented tons of artists. I didn’t know about crypto art until late 2019 when randomly a friend introduced the concept to me. I studied, did my research and in a second I understood how early we were.

People are still trying to figure out how the art market moves, what art is, how to become a collector and galleries and institutions are still trying to figure out what crypto art is. It was illogical to me to don’t take this opportunity. I always dreamed of going back to art as my main occupation. After working in music for a few years I was overwhelmed by dozens of angry conceited wannabes that were just part of an industry that didn’t represent me anymore, since then I’ve been working as a business and brand developer.

Crypto art was just the gift I was waiting for before fully retiring. Being able to be a part of something so big and at such an early stage is very exciting”. And I’m sure the community is excited to have such a talented professional. “The community is the best part, finally it seems like we’re building the world we always wanted just for us. There’s no hate, competition, jelousy, the community is literally just a big supportive and empathic family”. We can’t wait to participate to the panel that will take place during Lucca Comics & Games 2021, from October 28th to November 1st.

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